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What around the house is made of iron? Answered

I need it to make iron filings.



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Lets see... What do I have here at home?
Iron nails...
Iron Irons...

What about cereal? Yes. You read that right. Cereal. The stuff people eat every morning. CEREAL. The stuff that goes well with whiskey... Or milk... CEREAL!

You will need to find cereal that is iron enriched. YES! FOR THE LAST TIME!! CEREAL! SOME CEREAL HAS IRON IN IT!!! Anywho, iron enriched cereal. It may say "reduced iron" on the side of the box under ingredients.

This video shows you how to do it:

In the end you will end up with a nice iron powder for you nefarious plans.

Damn! I knew there was iron in cereal, but I didn't know you can get it out. Thanks!

Yeah, actually I've been thinking about doing this too for a while. It wasn't until I saw your question that I actually got the initiative to research how to extract the iron. Thanks, I guess...

Please note: I'm a bit crazy. No I'm not! Yes you are! I'LL SHOW YOU CRAZY! *rolls on floor, punching and biting self* Just kidding!

Transformers! you probably have at least 20 of them lying around. a transformer is basically a lump of iron with lots of copper wound around it. old plumbing pipes should work as well.

Well I think your very lucky! Not that many people have 20 giant alien robots that turn into cars lying around! ;-)

XD, i was talking about the more boring kind of transformers. but sure, you could probably use the other kind as well ; )

LOL! In the middle of the night " hey optimus, turn around for a second " *grabs bench grinder*...

You might actually. If i remember correctly, things like phone charges, laptop power packs and computer power supplys.

i forgot about car brakes! a few weeks ago, my father changed the brakes on our car and i noticed they where full of metal dust, i checked with a magnet and sure enough! it's iron :D

dose it have to be iron of can it be steel

it's a heck of a lot more work to make iron filings than it is to buy them online. I know its not what you wanted to know, but really I speak truth. As vince suggested steel wool is mostly iron. What's your project?

Well, iron filings align with magnetic fields, and I have a ton of magnets I want to fool around with to see the difference.

scissor up some steel wool, then put it in a bottle of mineral oil. It works the same - and shows the fields (even better than just filings)

your best bet is to look for cast iron, if it will work. finding it is easy if you have a shop look for rather big heavy parts that look kinda bumpy. the older the better the older it is the more likely its cast iron they are goin to more aluminium stuff now. but look for bell housings gear boxes transfer cases differentials engine blocks thats the most common cast iron items that come to my mind


9 years ago

really depends...theres old cast iron fire places, u can get iron piping,u can get iron grills.