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What battery Answered

Hi I have just bought a 60a esc and 5200kv set up. I have tried my 11v Lipo and it is so slow. What battery do I need to power it ?


Hi, this is the spec on the esc and motor


Hi rickharris,
This is the setup that I’ve purchase


You need to provide meaningful data on what that motor can provide. How much power is it rated for? (power is rated in watts, kilowatts, or horsepower.)

Choose a battery which can easily deliver that amount of power for the length of time you need your device to be operational.

Much depends on your motor.

If the data sheet says you can go to a 4 cell than you can upgrade. However if your already at its maximum voltage then you need to make the model lighter.

However slow can be very enjoyable speed isn't everything.

Hi I’ve posted a picture of the setup I purchased. I tried a 3s 2200mah lips but the car struggled to even move