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What brings big waves to lake michigan? Answered

Well I'm going to lake Michigan in 3 weeks and their are sometimes huge waves that are 6-7 feet. What brings them in, storms? wind?


Hmmm, wouldn't that be "boring" just by definition?

Not if you get lapped by the waves dancing around, then you would have to leave a tip ;-)

. Thank you Goodhart and caitlinsdad. With these two examples, I now have proof positive that the pun is truly the lowest form of humor. heehee

We're just waiting to see who blinks first and makes a typo...I think we can sink lower if you want...

. Oh, geez. This should be "interesting." You guys aren't always fun, but you're seldom boring. ;)

You're right, this is not a drill. It takes a lot of effort to be punny or else you spontaneously combust and go down in a ball of flames...

It doesn't seem he is here to defend himself yet...so...he started it! :P

I had to pick up a few things for my mother in law to deliver to her since she is moving into a new home from the last home. BTW: for that "tip" I could either leave an ice burg or I could say "don't take any wooden nickels. :-)

If you are on good terms with your mother-in-law I guess you didn't pick up a wooden horse as a gift.

The main thing was her walker, she never leaves home without it :-)

boring....using the same pun..... tsk tsk.... ;-)