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What can I apply to silicone to make it paintable? Answered

I have tried everything I can think of get paint to adhere to silicone but will no luck. It peels off after a short time. If you know a solution to my problem, I will be very grateful.



Best Answer 7 years ago

The easiest way is to cover it with latex caulk then paint with latex paint.

Harder is to clean it with mineral spirits then paint two coats of oil primer, then paint with oil paint.

You might be able to paint it with automotive paint that is made to repaint plastic parts.  It is much more flexible than regular paint.


6 years ago

Paint with pigmented shellac (zinser b-i-n). Then use oil-based primer. Lightly sand with 120-180 grit (without sanding through the oil primer). Then paint with two top-coats.

Thank you so much, Re-design. Three really great suggestions. I will try all of them. However, I am just wondering if the latex caulk will stick to the clear silicone? I will let you know how it works for me.