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What can I do to fix my laptop? Answered

I have a toshiba satellite p100-st9772 laptop model no. PSPAGU-017017 given to me by my neighbor but it doesn't boot up. I took it to PC Geeks and they wanted over $300 to replace the graphics card, which thay said was the problem. The laptop turns on but there is no display on the screen. Does anyone know of a compatible video card that I can use. I have a teacher that will install it (computer maintenance teacher). If possible, I have a $200 amazon card from winning a contest that I could use and am willing to spend more if needed. Any advice is much appreciated!


Hello, do you have a picture of your card? I'd like to upgrade to a similar card but can't find any picture. Thanks

The reason it costs o much is the video card isn't a separate card like you have in a regular PC. It is built onto the main board meaning the entire main board has to be replaced. Google your laptops information and look for the main board. You should be able to get one for between $80 and $200 but there is no telling if it's good or not. It will have been pulled from another dead laptop. But you probably won't find one on Amazon.

nope...it´s a seperate card (NVIDIA GeForce Go7900 GS), but even a used one will cost between 100 and 200 $...if you find one! It has to be the exact same card, not only the same chip!

What is the correct graphics card for my laptop so I can look up where to buy one?

Look for part number A000006510 or simply "graphics card for satellite p100"... the card looks like this:


I took it apart and it doesn't look like that.

Unplug power, remove the battery,hold down the power button for 90 sec's.Return the battery to its place,plug it in and boot up.
Also try adjusting the brightness/contrast controls during boot since these setting may have somehow changed

Good Luck

With a lap top the usual problem when the screen is blank is the connector between the mother board and the screen.

This can get dislodged (simple fix) or can break (more difficult to fix.)

I would strip down and look before I replaced anything.

Yeah, I'm going to take it apart after exams are done and make sure its not the LCD first and then I'll make sure I buy the exact same graphics card. Thanks for the help!