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What can I do with 90 useless old cell phones? Answered

Hi! I have a lot of old cell phones (Around 90 telephones, years 1997 to 2003) that a cousin give to me, because he has a repair store and people never go to pick them up. What ideas you have for those old cell phones. They are absolutely deads, no working, mostly, without battery. They are mostly NOKIA: 5120, 6120, 8XXX.... anyone has ideas? Maybe a Publicity Logo made out of parts?


try and find someone who's willing to take 90 useless old cellphones off your hand....

Something made out of the parts would be really cool. It would be really cool if you could use the outside and inside parts, because that means no trash.

I made a cyborg costume out of old computer parts.  You could try something like that.

Or maybe an art installation of melted cell phones like that melting clocks painting by Salvador Dalí (The Persistence of Memory is its actual title by the way).  If you take the inside stuff out and just have the outer plastic shell, that shouldn't be too hard to melt with a heat gun.  Might take some time, but it would be cool!

There was a story about a kid who sold his on cragslist and kept buying and selling until he had a Porsche. does 90 sports cars sound good to you? ;) just kidding. If they are totally dead, don't sell or donate them. If they do work, donate them or you could make a wireless device for remote control of something. A Robot, for instance. Call a number, then use some kind of interface to direct the robot...

Scrap them for parts.

Phone home.

If they are truly dead, then giving them to charities is not a good idea, they are looking for working phones. What I'd do is get 1 of every different kind. Open up the cases then mount them in a display case under glass. Now you have an interesting display of cell phone innards. Or, There are one or two ibles showing how to morph dead cell phones into action figures. Or, List them on Ebay as working the last time you used them they just need a battery like everyone else does.

Lots of charities have free post addresses you can send them to. They get lots of the same model, take them to bits then reassemble them in working order for sale.

Another thing charities do with them is set up limited accounts for homeless folks. One of the problems with being homeless is that even if a job interview goes well, it's hard for the prospective employer to call you and ask you to come back... you may not want to tell them you're at a shelter, and you may not be at the same shelter from one night to the text (or indeed be able to get in at all). Cell phones solve that problem.

+1 Lots end up in African projects like micro payment systems