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What can I do with Aluminium Chloride? Answered

 I recently made some Aluminium Chloride by electrolysis and evaporated the water off and powdered the crystals.

I have about half a 35mm film canister full *That's a standard unit of measurement you know :-)*
Just wondering what I can do with it. (Maybe try and get the Aluminium back?).



Best Answer 8 years ago

You can make powerful antiperspirant (if you know any really-sweaty people) - 20% w/v in ethanol (or strong vodka), otherwise not a lot of use.


            I'm not sure if I would use this as a deodorant.  I mean, the amounts in normal deodorant are (I think) far less than half of a film canister, and even then there are some claims as to health problems resulting from it.  I really don't have any sources or stuff to back this up, just stuff I've heard various places.  Also, be careful if you're using NaCl as an electrolyte--I used to use it for electrolysis, until I learned that when you electrolyse NaCl in water, you get hydrogen and Chlorine gases.  

Anyway, sorry I don't have any good ideas on how to use the stuff.   

Sweat contains salt anyway, and it won't dissolve in ethanol (much at all if any)


It screws-up sweat glands, it's a super-effective yet a bit aggressive solution for excessive sweating. If you know sweaty-people who might have a problem with it you might sell the stuff, but remember that you're not a pharmacist - it's usu. an over-the-counter preparation. You should not consider using it unless you have a problem with excess-sweat under normal circumstances.