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What can I do with a Plastic Cup? Answered

Hello, First post. I drink ALOT of soda from McDonalds. I go through ALOT of 32 oz. plastic cups. There has got to be some way I can use these cups to make the world a better place. I would love to find either a use for them or a product I can resell, or...something...anything....HELP!!!! Thanks



6 years ago

Fill with beer. Profit.


10 years ago

WOW!!! I have not had a chance to get back to the forum until now and look at all the suggestions! You guys are great. So many wonderful ideas. I love the idea of building furniture and that lead to another idea...'POP' art. I am thinking a mural might be fun to build with a mix of whole and partial cups. Thanks so much for the help and inspiration. Kwit

So did u succeed in making anything?? A photo would be great!!

DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT DO ANYTHING INVOLVING GIRLS. Make a giant cup castle perhaps?

You haven't seen it? Try to keep it that way...

I know nothing about cups and girls together...

You mean there is something very bad about cups and girls?

More specifically a cup and a couple of girls

Hey, I've never seen it, and I don't what, to, but curiosity overwhelms my self... Could you maybe possible private message me not the video, but what is in it?... I really don't want to watch it...

I know, it is my boyfriends fault! ahhhhhhh ew.

Not even replicating Madonna's early '80's outfit?

Maybe that... But nothing along the lines of 2 girls and a bunch of cups I've never been so ill in my life...

Even more weird...

On my forum: A HUGE spider
Scroll down the comments until you see a photo of a bloody wound posted by me, justin said he would lick it clean! :O

Make a giant cup castle perhaps?

Hmm, sounds like someone it trying to hoard..... LOL

You can use them to set the timing on an older engine, just fill them with water and watch the waves formed while the engine is running, when they are in nice concentric rings and there is a peak right in the middle, the timing is perfect... but if they are a mess and the waves are jumping all over the place you don't have it timed perfect..... (( And I find this faster and more accurate then using a strobe to set the timing )) now just think of the fuel you could save ....


10 years ago

I'm investigating a technique for making clear ice- put a small container of water, packed with crumpled up plastic bags (I have a lot of these) in a larger container in the freezer- the insulation should slow the rate of heat loss and possibly lead to slower freezing and clearer ice. I will post results if anything interesting happens, but if you want clear ice for whatever reason you could do this. It's pretty niche, I grant you...

Alternatively, cut "windows" out of them, glue two rim-to-rim and make a groovy mini lantern out of them (again, would post pics but I think mine is in the loft of my old house)

I heard that vibrations, like from a massager or something, placed under the water container, will make clearer ice. Something about agitating the air or something...

I am going to post an instructable that involves using lots of plastic cups...

Umm make: - lamps - Hats - furniture - a boat from the cups - Dispense them to hobos at random, to help them collect money - make plant pots - make a hydroponic cup garden - spray paint them jet black as stealth cups - Make speakers from them - Use them as makeshift traffic cones - Melt them down in to one giant cup - Make a house from them - Make a room with walls of them, charge crackheads to go in to the room - cover a phonebox with them as crazy public art - fill them all with concrete and get a giant bell, make the worlds most annoying windchimes - make 'magic cups' from an rc car and upside down cup - blow them all up - make a cup car - make amazing shapes - make them in to a windmill - spray them chrome and call them blingage accesories for car, house and personal use - make a giant flowerpot man but with cups.

-reeds for musical instruments -alternative to styrene in models -cut the sides down to make flowers -as gardening tools such as protection from frost, protection from cutworms -string them together and make the tentacles of a giant squid (and no, I'm not recommending that it end up on top of the place that supplied them...) -miniature ponds for mosquitoes and frogs -breeding guppies or other small fish -growing aquarium plants -string them together as scarecrows -use them as hanging bird feeders (so that squirrels can't get in them) -fly traps, hornet traps -hedgehog traps...

Do you think he's got an idea that'll satisfy him yet? Also how would you plan on trapping the hedgehog with the cup? they may move slowly but have a habit of just continuing on, I once attempted to divert them as they walk along my street with some planks, they managed to move them slowly overnight... They walk right up past my house and they are very odd visitors to have sometimes...

McDonald's had to change the cover design so that hedgehogs wouldn't get stuck in them-the trick would be to cut a hole in the cover just big enough for it's head, like a monkey trap or wolverine trap (a baited hole in a tree with a nail sticking into the hole that catches the wolverine's head).

How cruel =[Hedgehogs are friendly little animals.]

That happens when someone inadvertantly uses the ] around a set of words; it turns it into a "link".

One way to avoid this is to use the ASCII codes:

[ words in here ] and the way to do that is this, find the ASCII table, then type in the code which in this case is "ampersand, &" "number sign # ", the code number 91 for the left bracket and 93 for the right, and the semi-colon ;.

interesting, the next thing to figure out is what to do with a few hundred hedgehogs in cups.

There's a guy in the american west that invented a vacuum to suck prairie dogs out of their burrows. Now he sells them in japan as pets.


9 years ago

if its one of the clear ones you could make a ship in a cup. if you have a broken light cover on your solar garden light you could use it to replace the broken plastic. giant martini shaker.

Why not try one of these.

Then post the pics.

It would be a bit bigger, but then, that would make it all the more interesting.... :-)

Ummm.. put it in a blender with mint gum, glue, and seaweed to make toothpaste!!!

welll......first off i would cut down on the mcdonalds and pop because neither are good for you, but thats not the subject.. i would probably try to build some sort of structure out of em...maybe a small table, or a chair

Making "anti-techie" phone system ( string or wire knotted in each cup, cup to cup), stretched taunt and you will be able to hear the other person speaking into the other cup

make an impresssive pyramid out of a bunch?