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What can I do with a bucket of petroleum oil mixed with a little mineral oil? Anything? Answered

Can I filter out the mineral oil? Could this be useful for anything, or should I just throw away this bucket of slop?


Personally, I'd use it as lamp fuel, if it'll wick okay. If it won't wick, I might pour it in some "rim-lights" I have, which are basically old steel rims with a metal bowl welded into them. Then the surface of the oil will burn. You can burn a few of them all night long several times with the used oil from your last oil change, for example, if it's not synthetic. Otherwise, I'd probably still burn it, only more in line with skunkbait's idea to burn trash or weeds. Of course, if you don't live out in the sticks, that won't work. If it's a lot of petroleum oil with a little bit of mineral oil, I might use it as chain lubricant on a chainsaw. You can smear it on all of the exposed metal underneath your car to protect it from rust due to road salt in the winter. Very effective. Of course, that makes an unholy mess if you don't remember that you did it when you crawl under your car next. Warn your mechanic, too. I smeared oil all along the top rail of my chain-link fence one time and it stopped cats from getting up and over it easily and taking a dump in my yard. I've used old engine oil to lubricate my gate for years, works like a charm. My shed door, too. I have nine quarts to get rid of somehow every three months, so I've come up with a few ideas. Weed killer is good, but it will make that spot barren of weeds AND grass for quite a while. Personally, though, I think it's the perfect excuse to have a big fire of some sort.

That's a great idea! Thanks! Why didn't I think of that!

That's the perfect excuse to start a Game Show!!!!

Stupid people pay money to watch other stupid people to drink it!!!!

And get this - you could call the game show "Monk"!

Hahaha, that's an awesome idea! I'll dupe my friends into doing it and post it on youtube!

Ten days after original post, however...

Contemplating any hot metalworking? Depending on the exact flash point, sounds like you have a bucket of quenchant for oil-hardening tool steel.

most places might not accept it because you mixed it together. i had to take a hazmat course for work. never mix your hazardous materials together because it can be real expensive to separate out and dispose of. if not impossible some hazardous materials can be unstable when mixed. like start fires or blow up. next time your community has a hazmat day take it and see what they say.


10 years ago

How did you wind up with this mixture? Also, what exactly do you mean with "petroleum oil", which could mean a lot of things...

Well, I was cleaning out some metal 55 gallon drums for an upcoming ible. I thought they had some water in them. Turns out, when I dump them, it's this...oily stuff. So I put it in a bucket. Then I dump the other one into the bucket, thinking it's the same thing, but it's way different, different viscosity, color, smell, everything. So I check the paper labels on top, the first one says mineral oil, and the second says petroleum oil-lubricant. Anyway, I just wondered if I should toss it or if I could possibly use it for anyting...

Well, if you can separate them, separate them. A glass jar an a turkey baster may be needed to separate the stuff at the boundary layer.

The lubricant you can use as a lubricant (duh). I wouldn't chuck it into my car, unless (1) I knew exactly what type it is (does it say anything on the drum?), (2) I was sure it hadn't been contaminated with anything else in the drum, and (3) I managed to separate it from the mineral oil real well...

The mineral oil has a bunch of other uses. Most importantly, according to wikipedia: "mineral oil is the main fuel used by professional firespinners and firebreathers. It is chosen for its high flashpoint and low burning temperature. As a firebreathing fuel it is ideal because it will not tend to burn as a liquid, due to the high flashpoint, thus preventing blowback."

Obviously, it looks like you will have to check out some of the following instructables:

Torches and Firebreathing
Beginners guide to Poi
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Yep and mineral oil is not toxic, but if you swallow it, get ready for some greased rocks ....

Idk, but id let it evaporate....

The mineral oil will evaporate? I didn't know that...thanks!

I'm not sure evaporation would be practical, but If there's another option take it. Evaporated hydrocarbons (not burned) are still a pollutant. You could take them to the local recycling center, if it takes used motor oil, etc.

Depending on where you live, just make sure you don't just indiscriminately dump it. :-) Some townships forbid even spilling of what they may classify as Hazardous Waste, on weeds, etc.

It's good to burn trash or fence-rows. You can kill some weeds with it, or like Pat said, separate it. You could use the lube for chains, hinges, locks, etc. You could also use it to coat outside wood (fenceposts)to prevent insects and rot. I might would put it in my old mower, but not any engine I cared much about.

take a match, make a flash.....