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What can I do with a lineman's test set? Answered

I bought a lineman's test set at a garage sale for a dollar. What can I do with it, anything legal?


It's not going to give you any special capabilities on the phone system but you could put a standard connector on it and use it as a fancy-shaped telephone.

back in the day you could use it to hook up to the grey box on the outside of someones house and make long distance calls.

But that was before the Gov'ment handed out cellphones like welfare checks and people actually had land lines.

It is just a telephone handset. made extra rugged for use outside in the rain and snow and mud. Some models have a battery inside 9volt that needs replacing occasionally.

lots can you post a pic, does it have a reflectometer and pocket oscilloscope?
A reflectometer sends a single down a wire and the oscilloscope tells you where the break in the line is.
it has a hundred pratical uses.


4 years ago

You appear to Craft Questions like some of us create instructables

Yes, I agree, very insightful of you.

I'll send a pic later, it's pretty basic, just a keypad I think