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What can I do with all my old receipts? Answered

Receipts seem to collect so quickly - perhaps they can be used to make something unique and cool. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could make with all of my old receipts?


You might try origamy or a collage. But whatever you do, DON"T throw them away! You (or a parent) might need them for tax purposes.


9 years ago

IO would suggest you try origamy, it would be a creative way to use them. You could also use them as papier-mache to make a bowl to hold new reciepts, talk about irony!

I meant I at the start.

I saw that and immediately thought of Tron.

People during the first great depression used there stock certificates as wallpaper, so I guess you could do the same with receipts. Not sure if that would look good or not...

Cool, thats really neat!

Use with firewood in the winter(i don't know if you should 'cause of the ink but...), recycle them, and army of mini paper boats/planes.