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What can I do with an empty commercial photocopier Toner cartridge? Answered

I can recycle them and get around $5 USD back from each of them, but I don't want to do that! I got them a few years ago, and they just look SO COOL!  Some specs:
Model GPR-17  
Brand: Canon or Katun
Katun's Part number : 37375
2000g contents.

I was thinking about placing LEDs underneath the semi-transparent cap and having it hooked up to my music visualizer, but it's a subtle glow, not the INTENSE BRIGHTNESS I'm looking for. 
I've completely washed it out, but the inside of it isn't hollow. There's this sort of crazy internal structure that holds the powder/toner. I guess it's so it doesn't cake up? well it's empty and clean now. 
I can post pics of the different openings and details on demand.  Preferably an application that is as least invasive as possible. I don't wanna be cutting it up into a billion pieces.
I thought it'd be an eye sore, but it's really aesthetically pleasing to me.
Let me know if anyone wants some, I can mail them out to you! 


Without knowing the inner structure it's kinda hard to say, but my first thoughts are to make a flashlight or even a blinking hazard light; but you'd probably have to use a stronger light than just an LED. If you could gut the inside, there's a possibility of making it into a waterproof storage container for swimming or surfing.

Post some photos of the inside if you can.

I was thinking about putting an LED underneath the cap. I could make it watertight but, there's a small clear cap at the bottom that's just friction fitted, and the top orange cap isn't tight so..
I'm a volunteer emergency responder, and I put the cap over one of my vehicle emergency lights one day, and that was actually really nice. Here's the problem though.. I ended up making my emergency lights myself because the lightheads are soo expensive! Problem is, the LED modules I use that are so bright are just a hair too big to fit inside the cap, even after I trimmed as much as I could.

Photos would definitely help, not just to understand what you're doing, but also to provide suggestions. Do you mean the LED won't fit under the small clear cap or the orange cap?

Sorry it took so long.
First picture is orange cap plus inner cap thingy
second is inner cap thingy, there's just two little plastic legs holding it in, that you pinch to take out.
3rd is the inner structure, as much of it as you can see. You see the same thing at the bottom through the clear cap
4 pic: the clear cap!


What about removing the inner cap and using the opening to mount an LED? I know they come in various sizes, so you should be able to find a smaller, bright one that could fit. The other option is to not use the outer orange cap, and find some other clear plastic dome shaped piece of plastic that you can use instead. Maybe one of those clear containers that you get stuff in from coin operated gum ball machines, or maybe a clear plastic lid from a spray paint can. Using something else would give you more room to work with. Then cover or paint the black portion a shiny, reflective silver color (like a flashlight), so that it amplifies the brightness of the LED bulb.

That's actually a really great idea! I have some light reflector dome things, I'll try those! I'll let you know tomorrow

The LEDs weren't really bright enough.. just barely glowed :(

If you used the one's you provided a link for, then I'm not all that surprised. You're better off getting super bright LED's and then use some kind of reflective material around it to maximize the brightness of the bulb.

Here's the LED modules I use in my vehicle lighting. Mine are a bit thicker (because of the lens) but that shouldn't make any difference http://i00.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/481613716_1/Led-module-3pcs-SMD-5050-Waterproof-led-module-super-flux-led-module-Free-Shipping-By-DHL.jpg

I'll try and take pics ASAP, but the interior structure is just not good at all. It's sort of like a bunch of 'floors' every inch or so, and then there's some kind of passageway to the next 'floor' inside.

1. The tones is a severe dust hazard and may be carcinogenic depending on the type.

2. The best option is recycle.

The contents are not hazardous in any way. I've checked these before even considering repurposing them