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What can I do with an old, oversized-tee without sewing materials? Answered

So I was going through my closet and found a shirt from like, 7 years ago and though I never grew out of it, the cute design looks too young on me.
I'm tired of sewing, but at the same time, I'm bored enough to do something with it. I really wanna make something out of it. What can I do with a  light blue-striped top, scissors, crazy glue, time and patience?

Underneath is the picture of it. I added detailed notes that might help. Thank you!


Cut it up for rags.
Cut it up and use it as a book cover.
Cut it up and glue it on to other shirts as pockets.
Cut the collar out and use it as a dicky under a sweater.
Cut it up and make a bib you can wear while eating to keep you other shirts clean.

Just let the creative juices flow you'll think of something. Then you can document it and make a ible.

Sleep in it.

And I can wash it and sleep in it, too. Thanks, everyone for your answers!

Wear it over your normal clothes to stop them getting dirty while you make something cool with the scissors, crazy glue, time and patience.

I like this idea, I could cut off some parts of it for a project but still be able to wear it for something like this.