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What can I do with an old printer? Answered

wondering if and how I should harvest the innards for projects



One of the things about salvaging parts is that sometimes you salvage a part that you may have to store for a while before it becomes useful. Take apart the printer without damaging any parts and store them. This gives you the experience of learning how the printer was put together and a mental inventory of what you have. After you have a wealth of parts that project that comes to mind will be easier to build since you have a stock pile of "strange" parts that you can draw from. Also now projects will make themselves known. In the meantime get yourself an electronics trainer and start working on the different projects that are in the manual so that you know most of the basics and can get on to the "meatier" portions of the hobby. First rule of salvage - never throw anything away. It's guaranteed that if you do, you'll need it at least 2 times in the next week. Good luck.

The electrical bits of the printer might be a bit hard to salvage, but the tracks for the bit that does the printing could be used, along with the gears and what-not of everything else.

if you don't actually know what types of parts you're looking for, maybe taking it apart would be a bad idea. If you're trying to build a project maybe selling the printer, you could use the money to get parts...just a suggestion


8 years ago

You can get some good motors, a beis and metal bars out of a printer. You can also salvage the metal frame, and small gears and pulleyys. If you know what your building (such as a mini robot or solar racer ), take it apart. If your not building something like that, dont bother.