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What can I do with ancient laptop? Answered

I found a working Dell Latitude LM in the trash, any ideas on what I can use it for, comes complete with floppy drive attachment. Thanks.


You could turn it into a steam-punk laptop by air brushing it and you could perhaps create a laptop stand out of brass.
You might be able to turn it into a fast gaming computer by booting up Windows 98 onto it via floppy disk.

I loved some of the old DOS text based adventure games; Zork, Planetfall, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Leather Goddesses of Phobos. I wasted a lot of hours on those games

I love the ms dos games too. my floppy drive stopped working and don't know how to fix it so I found an old usb drive and installed so many games from a website on it. it's easy and their zip files. then put it in the ms dos computer unzip and they work. whats wierd is that when I play wolfenstein 3d or any other games with sound the adlib or soundblaster does not work and at random times it does

Well, you can certainly use it as a dedicated machine -- music jukebox, for example, or to control a robot, or somewhere else that an arduino is too small or where you need keyboard/screen.

Depending on its age and how it's equipped, you may not be able to run a modern version of Windows on it. If not, you may be able to get a version of Linux that will boot happily on that system.

Another possiblity, if it has (or you want to add) wifi: Set up up as a remote console for your "main" machine, eg by using one of the VNC packages.

The wifi project sounds good, how would I get started with that? I can intall Linux?

Install an operating system on the laptop (Linux is certainly one choice), and either install a client program for Windows Remote (assuming your other machine is running Windows and has started the server for the remote console) or install a Virtual Network Console (VNC) server on the system you want to control and a VNC client on the laptop.

Make sure the firewalls, if any, are set up to let the VNC traffic through.

I have an old Dell Inspiron 2600. I replaced Windows XP, which ran painfully slow on this machine, and instlled DSL (Damn Small Linux). It runs like a charm!


7 years ago

I have a nearly ten year old eMachine laptop I keep in my workshop. I installed Ubuntu on it and stuck in a huge HDD. I use it when I'm in the workshop and store music, audiobooks and digital images of whatever project I happen to be involved in at the moment. It also serves as a backup if something happens to my desktop.
With a pair of external speakers, I can listen to a book or music while I work.

It's probably got a parallel port and serial ports, so now you have a computer to tinker with and interface your projects to. Now if you wreck the computer somehow it won't matter as much as it would if you had wrecked your dad's work laptop.