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What can I do with broken concrete, concrete in small slabs? Answered

I have a lot of concrete from an old driveway that I got rid of with a sledgehammer. I dont have a truck to dispose of the concrete somewhere. So need to do something with it around my house.


the small slabs can be used as clay pigeons (plate size or smaller) it can also be ground to powder and re-used. you can paint the pieces and make a mosaic or you can fire them from a slingshot. the powder-like substance is great for clogging toilets, drains, or anything else like that while the little gravel-like balls can be used in potting. the slabs and powder add nutrients to a garden and can be sprinkled over grass too. if the slabs are flat they can be used for skipping (rocks) and for adding weight to something (ballast.) you can make an anchor by pouring some new cement along with the old chips into a coffee can and allowing to solidify (my grandfather does this and they work great.) that is about all i know that you can do with chipped and powdered concrete.

In Seattle, a lot of mid-century earth-holding walls were made with old concrete chunks. They are about 1 foot across, perhaps that wide or maybe a little less. 2 to 3 inches thick. They are stacked on a slight slant, stacked as if they were slate stones. They look a lot better than a cement retaining wall, and could be modified slightly for a rockery look!

smack it into smaller pieces with the sledge hammer (stress relief) and use it like gravel for drainage under something else, a patio, container gardening, etc.

It might be cool to lay a walkway or patio pavement with them, spacing the irregular shapes far enough apart to grow small, low-growing plants like creeping thyme in between them. Or, since woody herbs love rocky areas with a little alkalinity, you could build yourself a whole herb garden with pavement, planters and even walls made out of the broken concrete (depending on just how much of it you have.)

Build a dry stack wall or planter. The flat sides would really help simplify the stacking. If you live in a harsh climate you could plan for the chunks to de-grade over time and make the deterioration part of the plan. The artist Andy Goldsworthy's work comes to mind.

You could put a lump in your toilet cistern to save water.
Make a rockery
Hide it under the sofa.
Drill holes to make candle-holders.
Wrap in heavy-cloth = door-stops.


These are great ideas, I think I'll try all of them because I have a pretty big pile of concrete. Thanks Everyone, if you think of anything else please comment.

May it into an Instructable? - "What to do with broken concrete" L


9 years ago

Hire a waste disposal company. They'll drop off a big bin in your driveway, and you fill it with your concrete slabs and other debris. When it's full, they'll come back and dispose of it for you. For a fee, of course.

I thought of that but, it was out of my financial reach.

You just aren't trying... The guy wants to keep this stuff, what would POWs do with it if it were escape-plan waste...?


Well if you're pouring a foundation I suppose you could toss it in there.

We sledgehammered a concrete pad into approximately 2 square foot chunks - and used those to hold a pond liner in place. It was pink tinted concrete - so quite pretty. After a few years they crumbled. That concrete sealant stuff would have been a good idea (the broken edges were quite absorbent, and the canada winter freeze-thaw destroyed them.


9 years ago

You could make stepping stones with them.