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What can I do with my old not working USB flash drive? Answered

Basicly what the title says... It's a normal USB... And no more info there is to give.


I'd take it apart, see how it works, then use it for something else electronic that you want to store data in.

Othewise, find the funniest way to blow it up and see what happens.

Drill a hole in it and make it into a key-ring / ear-ring. Or see what it does in a microwave oven.



Will it blend?

Are you asking me to put it in a blender!?

Waoh that's awesome!!!! You made my day!

do NOT try this at home.

Why did you put the "not" in capitals??? Oh it must be an error I'll remove it from your sentence... So you said "do try this at home." OK!!! SURE!!!

It's all about getting the emPHAsis on the correct syllAble. (or in this case, words)...I encourage you to bloend it, just don't come crying to me when your glass blender shatters because thers ceramic parts in the thumb drive :D

How about you solder off the led and the usb adapter to use in a different project


7 years ago

Hmm I got an email saying I had to choose a best answer... When I've basicly got no good answer... what should I do

Wait a while until you find one

Repair it! Unless it's been water damaged, it most likely has stopped working due connection issues caused by physical damage. If you can't fix it, then you could scavenge the connector and LEDs from it.

Basicly why it's not working is because the connector got damaged too much that it broke off... I don't think I can fix it because I took it a guy who knows electronics and fixing things. He had to use nano soldering to get it fixed... and a few days later it broke again!

Use it to wedge up the leg of a wobbly table?

Not much. If it's dead, odds are that there aren't parts worth recycling except, possibly, the USB connector.