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What can I do with these electronic parts? Answered

What can I make with a voice changer, an iPod mini, or a camera?


The Dvd player doesn't read discs. Plus the iPod and camera are missing peices.

I also have a DVD player, now.

i guess itll eventuall go in the direction of outdoors multimedia event you can allready start preparing the batteries and naruto costume

I do NOT like japanese anime. The Dvd player doesn't read discs. Plus the iPod is broken, all of your suggestions don't help me.

A voice activated camera ? Take your own picture by voice command !

Ooo, can you tell me something? Please ! What chip(s) do(es) the voice changer use?

Erm... I don't know if that was a joke or not but, I don't know.

Oh, sorry, I thought maybe it had already been opened by you. I am looking for a good schematic or something to help me build the one I want to build (voice changer).

It has. I'll take pictures when I find my camera.

Or you could post the numbers written on the top of the IC :-)

Erm... I;m not sure where that is...

Any of the chips soldered into the circuit board should have numbers on them maybe

hoping that they are not those blobs of black plastic

Yeah, when they put potting material over the IC's it a bit of a mess

Its so that the thread stays on the first page, so people can help...


9 years ago

cough. send them to me. cough.

Seriously though... 1. Learn to fix the iPod and put it in a sweet modded case. 2. Dang it, I can't think of anything else that hasn't already been said.

IT doesn't have a case/ Well, I'd sell the ipod for like $20 I guess, I don't know if it works. If it doesn't the price goes down to $5.

Well I'd definitely be interested in it.

It works. I'll post pictures for you. Possibly tommorow.

I can't find my camera, but I'll look for it. It seems to be missing something else, I don't know what it is,though.

volume control another ipod some switches amplifier equalizer

Turn the camera into an IR camera

A crazy party! lol.Like the voice changer connected to the ipod playing a song... be right back , lol

Erm...well I thinbk the ipod is broken. It doesn't have a case...

Oh ..Then you can plant a mini bonsai tree in it ...i did it before.

Well, I think I'll figure something out...