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What can I do with these??? Answered

Hello again, I want to bug you guys again, if you remember, I just fixed these JVC speakers as the seals were gone on the plexiglass. Now that's fixed, I've been noticing that when I play almost any song past volume 20-22 I can really notice a lot of turbulent noise from the tubes, and it's not the seals this time, they seem to be holding out. It just sounds punchy and the noise coming from the tubes kind of ruins the fact that I fixed the seals already, theres 4 screws around where the tube goes into the subwoofer chamber, but I tried taking it out, but it still wouldn't come off even though the 4 screws were removed. Does anyone have suggestions on how I could make these speakers sound better??


. Stuff a little light-weight insulation in the tube

Really? I have some old yellow insulation I pulled out of some psb's, would that suffice?

. Worth a try. You may end up blowing the insulation out into the room. . As per KJ, check that nothing protrudes into the airway. . You're probably overdriving the speaker.

>You're probably overdriving the speaker. . No, I watch the subwoofers when I turn it up, they don't start pounding even close to their full excursion until the volume is turned up to 26-28 (max is 32). These little woofers have some thrust to them, I should have taken pictures when I removed one of the drivers, they had surprisingly large magnets for being 6" woofers.

. How do you know what the proper excursion is? Do you really think you can tell by eyeballing it? If they sound crappy at higher volume, then you're overdriving them (or the amp). Doesn't matter where the volume knob is set or how big the magnets are.

Well I figure overdriving a driver is when they're close to bottoming out, these subwoofers are no where close to bottoming out when I drive them. They are also paper cones, would could explain why they sound odd to me, compared to my poly 12" car sub.

Ya but if you overdrive an Amp it basically outputs DC, and this sounds horrific and it can also overheat your voice coils and damage the speaker, or even distort the coil which will end up causing it to drag against the magnet (( this sounds horrible to, but if you can push the speaker in and out and you hear nothing it's probably ok ))

Isn't it the other way around? It outputs too much AC?

. Nope. BB is talking about [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clipping_(audio) clipping].

I just fired these up today, and apparently one of them has developed yet, another vibration, the left one again actually. It's the tube this time, if I push down on the elbow it stops, I just tried tightening the screws but apparently that did nothing.

. Try wedging small pieces of paper between the flange and the box. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. . Or cut a thick, fairly soft, paper gasket.

I just turned her on today, it still smells a bit like silicone (well not now that I've been playing music for an hour or two), but I doubt it's going to be a problem that high up in the box, I know it's dry. I'm still leary about it, as I haven't really had a chance to crank it too loud, but it sounds A+ now (makes italian C shape)..I'd have to say I think I won't be taking glue to it for a while.

Wedging small pieces of paper in probably would let more air out then it would be worth. The paper gasket idea is a good idea, but I was thinking..depending on the contours of the pipe when I get it apart, the silicone may need to come out again..

. Bottoming out is a poor indicator of over-travel. That's like saying valve float is a good way to tell if I'm over-revving my car engine. You will get distortion well before bottoming out. . . It's not just the driver(s). The port can only move so much air.

Then the distortion is from poor input signal?? I can put my ear up to the tube exactly where it goes into the speaker, and you can hear the noise inside, but if you put you ear down towards the sub, you can't hear it (confuzedd)

. My guess is that you trying to pump out more bass than the port was designed to handle.

You're probably 100 % correct, that is a shame however if they couldn't even design these subwoofers to withstand their full power. Mind you, if the speakers weren't higher up on top of my technics (in the pictures), I probably wouldn't hear it as bad, but these speakers don't deserve to be at my feet. It also appears that JVC doesn't want to talk to me, I sent them an email almost a week ago and they still haven't replied with anything, I would have at least liked to have gotten a "Oh thank you for telling us, we'll change the design" or something similar. I want to tweak this stereo, but would like to know if it's even worth it/possible before I crack it open (twas a very expensive unit, I'm surprised I got away with taking the subwoofers apart.

. Unless you have an oscilloscope and signal generator, tweaking your amp will be hit-or-miss at best.

Oh yeah, and I put on a bass track and blasted it when my dad was in my room and I asked him if they sounded like they did when we bought them and he thought they sounded just like they did before.

I was sorta hoping they were broken, because you could gut them and make AMAZING lights out of them. :P I don't know what to do otherwise. ;)

sounds like you need an audio crossover to seperate the high and low ranges. They are simple to construct.

try powering each driver separately, tweeter, mid, sub maybe it's a bad dust cap, the cone-thing in the center of a speaker

My guess would be protrusions in the tube or chamber, you may have to open them up and play about a bit, file down plastic or maybe smooth with leftover caulk. Also check all the speaker mounts are secure, occasionally you'll get a sub wobbling a little...

Please don't tell me the subs are loose, I took them right out just to check them out completely before I re-glued the seals. I'm pretty sure I wrenched the screws on there, I would cry if I had to re-break the seals on these again.. Although I think if it was loose in the mount, it would make more of a mechanical vibrating sound wouldn't it?

Aye but if it's got anti vibration washers you'd hear more of a turbulent sound, the small movement would be amplified by the tube, check the tubes first though, it could even be a bit of debris, I'm in the process of putting together something using some small overdriven speakers and have been working on some kind of enclosure that maximises the volume and bass to run them well, I can run them sitting on my desk and race them across it at this point in time. Also take a wee feel around the seals to make sure it's not a small leak causing it, check everything else before breaking the seals, to make sure you don't waste the effort.

Steampunk 'em!


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Sell them, and buy a better set? :D

There are no other speakers like this, if you can find me another pair of similar design, please do show me.