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What can I do with this digital picture frame? Answered

I have a digital picture frame keychain thing that was given to me a while back, and while it was in the original packaging(basically just a tiny box) it didnt come with a driver cd, and it doesnt seem to actually have a brand, therefor I cant find drivers anywhere for it. I've even let windows check online for a driver, but to no avail. so basically, as a picture frame, its useless. So I'm looking for something cool to do to it. I have included 4 pictures of it, and can upload photos of the circuits and such if needed. Thanks!!!!



Best Answer 8 years ago

So, you're unable to load pictures onto it? I'm not sure if it'll be too useful then. Does it at least power up when plugged into a USB port? Maybe if you crack open the case you'll be able to determine the manufacturer. One other thing you could try is to install drivers for similar "generic" photo keychains. Maybe one of them would be compatible.


Answer 8 years ago

i've opened it and the only manufacturer label i can find is "Truly" but theyre website doesnt even mention digital photo frames. i also found quite a few generic photo keychains that look like mine without the wwe brand and cant find drivers for those either, as they are all made in china crap keychains.