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What can I do with two broken digital cameras? Answered

I have 2 broken digital cameras and I need to know if they have any significant use before I take'em apart.


The screens are fine and all they just wont turn on

There is gold in them.

There are components that can be used for other projects.

Will they work when connected to your computer if they will you can use them as a web cam.

As Eunix said you can use the parts to make a taser, coil gun, and a rail gun.

It really depends on you what can you do?


4 years ago

If they are realy broken, you can salvage from them the circuits that operate the flash. You can (in theory) use these capacitor charger circuits to make a taser, EMP device or a rail gun.

How are they broke? If they don't work anymore then take them apart and see what you can do with them.