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What can I eat to give me more energy and stamina? Answered

 I'm a 51 year old female auto worker, working on the line at a physically exhausting job.  I'm feeling sore, tired and achy all the time.  At work, I walk 3 miles a day and try to do core exercises at home.  I've started juicing to get more fresh fruits and vegetables into me.  Is there anything else to help renew my muscles after a long day on the job?



6 years ago

Protein would be the most important thing. Carbs are also great, especially those complex ones. Oatmeal is great there. (As a finn I have to say) sauna is also great for recovering tired muscles. If you have a sauna around, I would definately recommend going there every day to recover muscles. Ergonomic work position is also very important.

I think I added nothing new (except the sauna), but just had to highlight the importance of protein. A little under one gram of protein per pound is good for you. Recommended amount for normal (non exercising) person is 0,5g/pound of weight, but when you're exercising the need of protein increases.

I try to eat at least 1g/pound (or 2g/kg) a day since I'm trying to get more muscle mass.

Eggs are great! You could boil a dozen of them and eat them as a snack throughout the day. They have TONS of good stuff!

 Thanks everyone, for all the great advice.  I'll make a mini-van with your name on it ;-)  Kidding, of course. 


8 years ago

Protein is important after strenuous exercise (or in your case, work), since it helps repairs muscle tissue damage.  I usually have a protein shake or protein bar after I workout.  

Before you work complex carbs are really good such as a big bowl of oatmeal, since they fuel your muscles, like marathon runners who carboload before a run. 

If the same muscles are sore, make sure your work site is as ergonomic as possible, too (do you have an occupational health and safety officer at your work,?)  Stretching during breaks, helps too.

My job isn't strenuous but we are prone to repetitive stress/strain.

I also find a hot bath with Epsom salts helps me relax and relieve tired muscles.


8 years ago

As a professional carpenter (who is getting older) I, and many of my coworkers, are big fans of "Vitamin I" also known as ibuprofen, particularly when ingested in the caffeine-enhanced Motrin version.

Energy foods are carbohydrates.

Simple carbs (sugars and starches) will give you short-term energy, complex carbs will take longer to digest and give you "time release" energy.

Sugary cereals, grains, pasta.

As for stamina, I'm afraid that comes with practice.

Muscle aches need warmth and a rub-down. 

What about carbohydrates ?