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What can I get my mother for her birthday when my budget is $20? Answered

She doesn't like big jewlary. and her necklace chains have to be long so she can slip them over her head and she doesn't wear earings or rings. She likes to read and she is obssed with eeyore and has just about everything you can buy that has to do with him. I need help!!!!


Visit a local craft store - for $20 you should be able to buy enough materials to make an eeyore plushie.

Gift certificates, there are a ton of cheap books out now.

A $20 gift certificate from Borders or a bookstore she likes (along with a hand made card so there's something personal from you to mom...maybe?) might be the ticket

best wishes

maybe you can get her an eeyore shirt i know they have them at target kmart walmart and some other places or order one online and have your dad spot you and pay back the twenty to him or a giftcard to somewhere she likes to eat olive garden tgifridays apple bees or you cold buy her dinner