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What can I make out of a Ferror Rocher Box? It is pretty big...and I really want to make use of it. Answered

BTW: I'm a kid, so I don't really have that many tools. So, if it's not much to ask, try to think of a project that doesn't have to use so much tools please?



9 years ago

I use mine to keep the earrings that I wear most often.  It's pretty enough just as it is.  I like the not-too-deep little round places and the see through lid.  Perfect for that.

Ria Hawk

10 years ago

Well, you could keep small things in it. If you do a lot of crafts, it would be good for keeping craft supplies in. If you paint, you could probably turn it into a palatte, assuming you kept the insert with all the bowls in it and you don't use a type of paint that eats plastic. Uh... picture frame, maybe, keep portable game cartriges/discs in it, jewelry box if you have a lot of jewelry... That's all stuff you can do with the box without modifying it.