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What can I make with old keyboard cables? Answered

I have cannibalised a crate of dead keyboards , preparing for a Maker Fair workshop but now i have miles of straight and coiled cables. Anyone got any ideas what we can make with them? Some have connectors but most dont. Ideally some easy way to get the outer insulation off would be helpful too.




9 years ago

Learn to crochet, and make some amusingly nerdy clothing. Pick up some basic macrame/knot tying and make some plant hangers. Basically, treat it like really fat yarn or rope.

Thanks for these ideas. I have advanced knot skills but not that keen on plant hangers. The crochet idea is a possible as there will be a team of crocheters at the Scottish maker fair I am organising, so perhaps they can teach me. I already have an idea for a necklace which will be on instructables as soon as I can get pictures done.

You could weave them into braids for really geeky bracelets. To get the insulation off, snip the end to get at the wire core, hold the wire in one pair of pliers, the insulation in another pair, and pull apart - the wire should rip down the side of the insulation.