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What can I make with this? Answered

So, I have a few random components and I'm bored. What project could I make with this stuff?

- 2 7ft sections of 18 gauge magnet wire
- Unwound ferrite core transformer
- 2 Rocker switches
- VCR Lcd screen (PT6955)
- 3 photoflash capacitors
- 50v 2200 uf electrolytic cap.
- 2 1.5A 120v Pushbutton switches, 1 red, 1 black
- 4 lead pushbutton switch
- 6v button cell pack
- 1 white led, 6mm
- 2 small speakers
- 6 small pushbutton switches
- 2 fuses, 125v1.6vA, and 25v315A
- Tiny microphone
- 3 lead IR sensor
- 2 2lead IR sensors
- Ring electromagnet, bunch of coils
- small motor
- large motor
- large vibrating motor
- 4 9v battery clips
- 1 "C" battery holder
- Encoder from VCR, only the bearing, no electronics
- Halogen table lamp transformer, 110v to 12v
- AC Motor Rotor
- Heavy duty transformer
- RF Modulator

If it needs anything else I can buy it, just that it uses parts from this list. Thanks.


I'd say you're making a bomb trigger.

you could make a virobot that picks up metal things(that ring thing is an electro-magnet

a virobot is a simple robot that vibrates to move. There are many Instructibles on them in fact that is the one instructible I have out so far(see here)!

Although I would have to unwind the existing magnet wire and rewind with new wire because the connections are torn.

It looks like you have the makings of a pendulum magbot or maybe even a headbot there.

You dismantled a video? Well done (I've done a few)
I hope your imagination starts working for you.


I recognise them - like you I've still got 'em and not made anything with 'em yet...