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What can I scavenge high power triacs/scrs/ssrs from? Answered

I'm doing some questionably safe experimentation and need some very high current method of pulsing AC in the 2-3KW range. 

I also have no money and want things free off of craigslist, what appliances would likely have these parts in them?


Photocopiers are a strong possibility, but since Triacs in that rating are less than 50c....

hmm, I've been looking around and things that fall into my specs are usually in the $10-50 range new (and I need several). I'll check into copiers, though, so thanks.

If you are really PULSING, like single or certainly very few cycles and you can run off 220V, you can get what you want from only 13A Itsm, which are typically under a dollar.

Gotta agree -- Your time and effort is also worth money, and picking things up from Craigslist or Freecycle or whatever takes those plus gasoline and automobile depreciation costs, not to mention having to wait for the right thing to become available, then jump before someone else does, then know where to find and how to extract the part, then dispose of or reuse the rest of the device... Really strikes me as not worth it for something that's cheaper than a cup of Storebought's coffee.