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What can I use as a Domino Tile Holder that is cheaper than buying a domino tile holder? Answered

I have a troop of Cubscouts. We want to "make do" with something super-cheap or that we already own. We're trying to find a substitute for the wooden or plastic domino racks/holders that can be purchased. Thanks!



Best Answer 9 years ago

If domino racks are similar to Scrabble racks (I don't know, haven't seen them)...you might look at Lowes or Home Depot. I would try the "molding and trim" first to see if there is a wooden shape that would do...or possibly two shapes that could be glued together, then sawn into racks after gluing. Molding comes in 8 foot lengths which would be 16 six-inch racks, if you can find the right stuff. Or look for aluminum or steel "channel" (like a squared-off letter C), usually in the nuts-and-bolts section. That might not be heavy enough to keep from tipping over when loaded with dominoes, though. Good luck!

. That's what I would do. You should be able to find something you can use at just about any store that sells molding.

Are cubs old enough to use sharp knives? You could design a template, print out, and lay over thin balsa sheets. They can be cut with a knife after transferring the pattern with the 'poke holes thru the template, then connect the dots' method. a little masking tape and glue and you've got yourself a craft box.

Try using a 1/2 inch PVC plumbing pipe and cut out a section of in on top thats big enough for the domino to fit in. Then takes some silly putty or play-doh and stick it on the bottom. Very simple! We used that as a Scrabble rack after using the original ones as sticks to play fetch with our dog!