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What can I use to move a table top across a plane in the x y axes, (ie back and forth, side to side on the same level)? Answered

This is a re-framing of an earlier Q that didn't get any replies :-( Essentially I have a small table top of 30cm2 and I want to move that back and forth and side to side on the same level/height. If you know how to do this please let me know, and shoudl you also know how to make the table rise up and down that would be a terrific bonus! At this point I am actually quite desparate for an answer as my project is held up until I can solve this. Many thanks for stopping by; all thoughts are appreciated.


Hi seandogue! Yes, to both of your thoughts. I'm going to sit down over some squared paper during breakfast and see what I can do, combining your thoughts with Rick's. I'll let you know how it goes! Cheers again! Keep well.

Hi Seandogue! Thanks for that - the link was excellent. Sadly that project fails on a few points for me; too costly, too complex and the mechanics (far)exceeds its own boundaries. But don't let the above detract away from the fact that your answer was very nearly spot-on for my needs - thanks for your time. I will alsobe checking your advice on searching for CNC here. Thanks Seandogue and Rick, you guys are the best!

Do you need to have precise control over the distance moved? If not critical then a cord and 2 pulleys and a motor and gear box to pull the cord..If precicion needed use a screw.

Thanks, Rick, I appreciate your time - I'll give your answer some thought - although at this point I'm not sure how I would use each pulley to manipulate its respective x/y axis position. I'll sleep on it, that usually works! Kind regards and thanks again!