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What can i cover a foam model in to make it hard like plastic? Answered

I am building some foam terrain for my hobby shop in beijing china and its going to receive a lot of wear and tear! I want to make it more durable! Suggestions please.



Why wont u just laminate it, simple as that :)

We have a product here in US called Pleco. it's used in building facades, where it is sprayed out of a hopper gun (gravity feed spray gun, powered by compressed air). It may be a little more ambitious, but it's a very feasible solution. I've used it for high trafficked, themed, gift stores in the French Quarter (New oRLEANS) as fake rocks, and as a crypt. it's highly durable. You can even paint it on. As far as it's ingredients, I believe it is a lot like thinned out stucco. 6 parts sand, 3 parts lime, 2 parts portland cement.

I'd go with Bumpus on the resin. Look for the stuff used with glass fibre "contains styrene" - you don't have to use it with glass fibre, cloth or paper will do.



9 years ago

Depending how big of a display you're going for, a few layers of paper mache should do the trick. If you want it to last a little longer, you could use body filler, or bondo, for vehicles. If you are feeling ambitious, then you could use fiberglass and resin to cover the model.

if by terrain you mean like fake rocks and hills I think fiberglass would work good