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What can i do or which lawyer should i check up on to get prizes shipped to my country? Answered

Like me I'm sure there are many who would like to get prizes directly to their door step. Therefore I have posted this question..to help broaden the contest areas. Is there anyone at instructables who could tell me what i can do to help broaden the area in which the prizes can be shipped? it would be wonderful to have the gifts than having to wait till someone in US, UK, Australia , or Canada bring it to you. thank you.



Best Answer 5 years ago

They are trying as hard as they can to broaden the area entries can be accepted from. Just understand that Instructables is not intentionally limiting your entry because they're mean, just to protect themselves and you.

If you want to help you could work on getting your government to change their legislation to allow it's citizens to win prizes like these. Something like a petition or letter writing/phone call campaign. I'm not sure exactly where you live but an Instructables employee recently said that India was very high on their list of where they are working the hardest.

I live in Sri lanka....an island just below India.
Yes i know instructables is not mean :-). I just want to know what I can do to help...like which type of lawyer or which type of law i can look in to and so forth...so that i can pass it up to who ever is responsible and speed up the process :-D

I honestly don't know how your government works but the laws often have to do with the distinction between contests of luck (lottery) and contests of skill (instructables). Some countries don't differentiate and probably try to tax Instructables, and the winner, if they ship a prize to the country or won't let them at all. Other countries need convinced that these contests are contests of skill rather than luck.
For the most part there is probably little you can do except let the Instructables/Autodesk legal team work it out. If you could get enough people together you could sign a petition or all call your government officials and ask that they speed up or look into the process.

My friend had a really great lawyer in surrey but I really don't know much, anyone know where I can find out more?

I don't know if getting a lawyer will do you any good. Instructables is a privately owned company and they can't be forced to offer everyone the same thing. If you ended up hiring lawyers you will probably just spend a lot of money for them and never see results. Good luck and I'm sorry that you don't get prizes there.

i don't mean to hire lawyers to force them :-D...just to find out about the law so that i can help instructables...
anyway...India is in now...so hopefully they would look into Sri lanka and not miss it as it's only a tiny Island below India!

I'm afraid that it's the AutoDesk lawyers that need to do the talking.