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What can i do to make him see that i would do anything for him..and show hime how much i love him? Answered

alright..i was hanging out with my man at the skate park and i saw one of my past loves there..i went over and talked to him, and i dont think i was flirting but apperantly i was.....so i walked back over to my boyfriend and he wouldnt kiss me or touch me..he just acted completly turned off by me. so i asked what was wrong and he was like im fine. i know him and i knew he wasnt fine...i asked him again and he just ignored me....so i went to the regular park just to think and swing....i didnt mean to hurt him and i deffinatly didnt mean to flirt with my ex.....he had football so around 8 i txted him and said sorry and that i loved him...and he was like i feel like i cant be mad cause you love me....blahblahblah..so we talked..but he still seems aggravated and isnt the same.....what can i do to make him see that i would do anything for him




8 years ago

Don't let him see that you "would do anything for him". And he sounds really immature. Men don't respect a total doormat. No one does. That's how girlfriends end up in prison for hanging around drug dealing manipulative losers they are desperately trying to impress. If your a teen just relax and if he continues to attempt to manipulate you by giving you a hard time over this one incident. dump him.

First off, that username is not helping your case at all. Also it says you are sixteen in your profile, and unfortunately that means two things that you're not going to want to hear. 1. Statistically, you're both incredibly unlikely to continue this relationship into your twenties. 2. One or both of you may not have matured enough to emotionally and socially handle this situation, in which case my advice might not assist you. You really need to consider whether or not you really were flirty. Play the encounter back in your mind and imagine what it would have felt like if you were watching your boyfriend behave similarly with an ex of his. Think about your body language too. Did you touch him in any way? Even a hug or a touch on the shoulder? Were your gestures cool and friend like, or were they a little too affectionate? Realize as well that this is all subjective. What you find acceptable, your boyfriend may not. What you think is harmless could really hurt his feelings. These differences are normal between partners, but it can feel like you're running hurdles when one pops up after another. Successful couples learn to overcome or at least tolerate their differences. Unsuccessful couples are the ones who can't get past them. You both need to discuss the issue so that you can find out what exactly about your behavior irked him so badly, and so that you can apologize and explain to him that you weren't trying to flirt or hurt his feelings. One other thing to think about. Perhaps he's being unnecessarily jealous or possessive. If you really didn't do anything to justify his behavior, then I would consider re-evaluating your relationship with him entirely. How do you fix things? You talk, and you give it time. If you both get over it and you both learn from the past, then your relationship will continue on just fine. It couldn't hurt to do something nice for him, but don't go over the top. What's over the top? Sex or sexual favors and expensive gifts won't help you much, but cost you a lot. These are desperate maneuvers, often backfire, and they are not very classy. What's a good thing to do? Make him some cookies or diner, or have a date somewhere he really enjoys. Best of luck, and if I seem negative... it's for your own good. Sometimes it helps to be critical and cynical when faced with trouble. In any case, I really hope for the best and I do think that you can work through this if you're both willing to talk and both willing to learn.

give him *coughs* BJ or just torture hims

Damn you Sir ! - That was going to be MY reply ! (except for the torture bit if she looks like Cathy Bates).

He's a poor coomunicator of his feelings. He's obviously pissed, even though there is no good reason to be. That immaturity needs to be dealt with. Jealousy does not work for a loving relationship. My wife and I have this discussion often. We trust each other implicitly and it's wonderful. If he doesn't trust you there is no way other than faith on both your parts that you will both be truly happy. There's no way you can prove an open ended option, other than convince them with each other's track record.

Some guys get defensive around other guys. Some guys can't handle when there girlfriend talks to another guy, regardless if he there was flirting or not. If he knew you used to go out with the guy, he might just be defensive and worried. What you need to do is talk to him, face to face, and tell him that you love him, that the other guy doesn't mean anything to you. You should tell him that you just wanted to know how he doing. (I'm going to guess that you and your ex had not talked to each other in a long time.) You basically need to reassure him of your commitment to him, to your relationship.

Tell him he's being stupid about it and to get over it. I've been there. I was told i was stupid. I got over it. It may get a little worse before it gets better, but it will be much better after.