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What can i do with a VERY old computer? Answered

i have a VERY old compaq laptop.Now it is OLD.It is running Windows 95 and internet explorer 5.Any suggustions? also side note: for some reason I cannot connect to the Internet so........I guess it's usless in my eyes........but that's what this great site is for!Right?


If it can't connect to the internet, you'll need to check the internet ports on the laptop. It won't have wifi. But it might not even have ethernet(rf45). Since it's a Win95, it's probably it only has a phone-line modem. Or the hardware just might be disabled(use Device manager to turn them back on). If it has a usb port, or a CD drive, you can turn it into the ultimate Digital Picture Frame. And depending on the size, you can probablly get a wooden tray and cut out a side to cover the keyboard.

Give it to charity or blow it up with a couple of fireworks :-)

install linux on it. it should work fine for programing microcontrollers.

I always thought it would be cool to take an old iMac and make an aquarium out of it. For bonus points see if you can keep the speakers working for your mp3 player, and the cd-drive tray operating for a food dispenser!

Smash it. Or wait a few years and sell it.

Computers rarely appreciate in value. Especially not PCs.

Recycle it.

I dunno... get rid of unwanted stress by throwing it off a cliff, or shooting it with a shotgun!

Install Linux or NetBSD. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's useless. Though it may not end up being very practical, it'll be a fun machine to mess around with.