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What can i do with a iphone 2g? Answered

The lcd is working and the hard disk also, is there a way to use it in a different use?



7 years ago

Probably there is a misunderstanding... the phone is not working more, it flash the screen while i turn it on, i tryed to upgrade/downgrade/make a custom firmware... i tryed everything but it's not working anymore as a "iphone".

I write here because i dont' want to put it to the bin and i wanna build something different with disassembled plarts.

This is the real reason so don't think i'm a stupid guy who want to dispose this wonderfull phone.

Now i hope to read more idea like "The Ideanator"! :P

There really isn't much in a highly-integrated, highly-miniaturized device like this one that can be reused, except possibly as a transplant into another iPhone of the same model. (If you can find one with a cracked screen, you might be able to make one working box out of pieces from the two of them.)

It's a perfectly useful music player, palmtop organizer/game/app box with touchscreen control, camera and telephone. What else do you *want* to do with it, that can't be done as well and more cheaply other ways?

It's sad really how fast incredible technology gets relegated to the dustbin.

Seriously, the i-devices are a really clever solution to a problem that nobody ever had. "gee, I'm lost" - get a map
"Gee, I wish my phone could tell me a good restaurant"...
"gee, I wonder if theres a good way to send text messages from a phone"...

The phone never solved problems, it created imaginary ones that didn't exist prior. THUS...it's just as useful now as it was then. Granted theres a SHINIER version now, but even the shiny version is not exclusively 'useful'.

For what it's worth, I just picked up a vintage-2004 smartphone -- a Treo 650 -- purely as a replacement for my old Palm Pilot M125, whose touchscreen was dying. I'm not even using it as a phone (I'd need to get it unlocked first), just as a palmtop/organizer.

And, frankly, there are a number of things I like better about it than any of the currently available smartphones.

The latest-and-maybe-greatest is not always the best choice. Certainly not always the most cost-effective one.

Replied! sorry for misunderstanding

  1. Set it on fire
  2. Tape it to a rocket and send it to the moon, I bet the service there sucks
  3. Tape it to some illegal fireworks
  4. Turn it into geek bling or other fancyjewelry
  5. Use it the way it was intended to be used