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What can i do with an original xbox? Answered

 I have two original xbox's and would like something to do with them as they are just lying there. It is ONLY the console, no wires or controllers




Best Answer 8 years ago

Use it for an xbox media center

case mod it and put a 360 in the classic case...

 Nah, it doesn't work to my knowledge...red rings, four

but still even though it the tech stuff there tryin tu figure out what to use for the xbox 720 like microsoft have two choices like tech to be used from the company nivida or amd just think about

dude play it hard core or mod it heavy and u know what some mods on ur xbox 360 never make it because microsoft wont allow it because the mods screw around with xbox 360 designer's real intentions so thats way there going to ake a xbok 720 which is supposed to be un hackable and un modable which obviuly sucks but at least ti's going to wow gamer's every where when it comes out in around 2011 and 2012

wooow dude u know in technical terms the original xbox is not that great but for enetertainment xbox is the greatest once u have everthinhg that u can buy with it.

Wot Frollard says - XBMC is GREAT.