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What can i do with lots of rubber tires? Answered

i have come across a pile of deserted rubber tires.  I'm not sure what they were originally used for but they are fairly high quality. to be clear, these are just the rubber part, no rim.  There a bunch of different kinds but most are over 20 in. in diameter and the width is about 6 in. For what could i possibly use these?


lookup earthships. probably not legal with the building codes where you live. but you could play around with them, im sure nobody would care if you built a small fort or something in the spot where the tires have been dumped

 people have made really cool looking chairs out of tires or you could recycle them and get some money

You could search online for a company that recycles rubber and maybe make some money.


8 years ago

I once came across a book at the library that featured hundreds of different play structures made of old tires.  Some looked fun, some looked like death traps (the book was probably 30 years old).  So, if there are young kids in your family, you could build something for them to play on.

 yeah my mom wants to build a giant lizard in her backyard for my little bros she got the idea from a book that was from japan 

 i just picked up a bunch of rubber tires for my mom and she is going to make a playscape for my little bros and the ones i picked up are about the same sizes as yours they also make really good planters,weights for poles and stuff, and cool stuff to climb on for kids

Rubber tires are a glut on the market -- they're a real nuisance to dispose of properly, which sometimes leads to their being dumped illegally.

One classic thing to do with them is cut sandal soles out of them. Extending that idea might suggest some other applications.

And of course one can always find a suitable tree and rope and make a tire swing or two.

> ... make a tire swing or two.
.  Just make sure you cut/drill a hole in the bottom of the tire so water can drain out or you'll get a wet butt and provide mosquitoes with a place to lay eggs.

Our local department of highways has been experimenting with an "asphalt" paving material which is partly made from recycled tires. But that's probably beyond a hobbyist's capabilities.


8 years ago

They have been using tires with dirt to build walls.
This particular photo is a finished but you can see the tires stacked at the end.

Also they make a bit of a small raised planter.

.  Tire planters are still popular here in The South.

Same techniques can be used to build houses, sheds, barns, amphitheaters, or what-have you.