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What can i do with the transformer thingy in a microwave? Answered

I decided to take apart an old microwave and found this big, heavy, metal transformer thing and i wanna know what and how to do something with it


Make a spot welder! There's a great instructable on one here. I made one with a microwave transformer and it works great. Takes almost no electrical knowledge.


9 years ago

What?? It's not a Klondike bar??

im working on a welder. maybe you should try making a microwave gun

Ham Radio operators do it all the time. Dr.Bill 73's

Paper weight. Door stop. Boat anchor. Self-defense tool (drop it on their toe and run). Power a microwave... Create a jaccob's ladder. Learn electronics. Create a death ray when combined with the maser unit. Use it as a conversation piece (Say, any idea what to do with...). Use it to get girls (drop it on their head and ask them out when they're still woosy)

Unless you are very confident working with electronics, recycle it. The current produced by this type of transformer is very dangerous.

Look up cheap welding for punks, it's been in the zeitgeist Instructables for awhile. and if you already have a welder, mail it to me so I can make one!