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What can i post Answered

Actually few months back i have created a blog on wordpress.com and now i want to post that same on instructables too, Can i post that without being disqualified from the contests as judges can consider that photos are taken from other sources and are not mine ?? the reason i want to post this because i have not found any instructable which can give me step-by-step tutorial for making an diy homemade amplifier from TDA2050 (in bridged configuration).

thanks in advance.


As long as the text and images are your own creations, you are fine.

You could even put a note in the Introduction of your Instructable to say you first posted it on your blog, and add a link to your blog. That way you might get more traffic to your blog as well; win-win!

Where is the blog on Wordpress, post a link.

If you are using your original photos it shouldn't be a problem but I might suggest rewriting to the contest and Instructables.

You can post any instructional content that is your original work.

Listen to DIY Hacks and How Tos and you are good, because he is the boss, ups.. the Community Manager :D

Even if you have post it elsewhere or you have won any prize elsewhere, it would be great if you want to share it here on Instructables. We all want to learn and make and invent a better version of something.

As long as the photos you are going to upload on Instructables are yours and you are not legally bound to any regulation of any company regarding the possession of photos or ideas, then nothing else to worry about. Just make sure there won't be any lawsuit from third party.