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What can i power with a small wind turbine? Answered

I have recently built a small wind turbine for fun and now im looking for something i can do with it.
The original idea was to charge 12v batteries to run an inverter but i got a shock that in a normal breeze, the turbine can only generate between 1.2v {normal breeze} to 2.5-3v{ gusty winds}

So what usefull thing can i do with a turbine that makes 2v?


Thanks for your relpies, what im doing is gearing the turbine to make a 6 to 1 ratio and made the blades longer to cope with the extra torque of start up.
I should get about 6v in a breeze.

It's approximately zero... when you've got nothing but a voltmeter connected to it.  And a lot of people will be impressed by just a voltmeter as the load, because a voltmeter has a pretty display with changing numbers and stuff.

Current?  What 's that good for?

You can gear up the generator to produce a higher voltage (V is proportional to the RPM). For instance, (presuming there's enough drive force), a 2:1 gear ratio will basically double the output voltage.

Further, as long as there's enough current being generated, you can drive all sorts of things.

For now, as presently configured, it's suitable for driving low-V leds

Disconnect the solar cell from a garden light, and wire in the turbine instead - using windpower to light your garden will mean they stay lit longer in winter.

Set up a circuit to charge a much smaller battery and use it to run some LED lighting. Perhaps a phone charger, or some other small electronics as well.

Your turbine regrettably is in the same class as 4 solar cells.