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What can i use to produce a tone of 33 hertz? Answered

I've heard that this is the tone that the infamous Blaster Beam from Craig Huxley plays at and stimulates some women. What can i use to either reproduce the effects of the Beam or just produce this tone?


you will need a sub if your going to make 33. most speakers cant go below 40 without 1 note bass

You can use a free program called Audacity to create a tone at 33Hz. You can get it from audacity.sourceforge.net I created you a 33Hz file, but it wouldn't let me upload it. I'll leave instructions for you instead.... Once in Audacity, click "Generate" then "Tone" then select "Sine" and set the tone to 33Hz and the duration to whatever you want. Click "File", "Export as WAV".

Audacity is a great choice for this.

But keep in mind that when played at the usual intensity for music, 33Hz is quite difficult to hear; it may not be audible if you use cheap computer speakers.