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What can simple yet cool project can I make with a bandsaw, drill, dremel, palm sander, and a circular saw? Answered

I'm interested in woodworking. We were cleaning out our workshop when I noticed a couple of power tools. I was given the ok to use them if i used safety of course. The machines are listed above and I have plenty of plywood to work with. Keep in mind I'm 13 so nothing too difficult :P


1. check out this site
2. Look at what other people do - Google images is great for this and try to figure out how they did it.
3. Use your tools to make more tools so you can better make things.
4. The band saw WILL saw off your finger, hands, arms if your not SUPER careful all the time. You will only get 1 chance.



4 years ago

Do a Google search on BandSaw Boxes, there pretty cool and have numerous uses i.e jewerly for men/Women or just for odds & ends, small objects….Can be made to most any size depending on the capacity of your BandSaw of course will limit how big you can make one.

Find some "imagination" in there amongst the tools...



With these 5 tools you can make pretty much anything you can conceive of out of wood.

Well, i much rather have hand written instructions to follow, then experimenting with the machines and end up cutting off a finger or two.

Written project instructions generally wont help you keep your fingers. If you're unfamiliar with power tools, I would suggest you first find out all you can about power tool safety. Try books, the internet, building centers (sometimes offer power tool safety classes), knowledgeable friends, etc. Good luck!

Perry the Platypus Inaction Figure!
ok, I saw that and couldnt get over it. To be honest, I do watch Phineas and Ferb. And like it. I guess it helps gain creativity, sitting in front of the TV all the time ;)
Ive never build one but I bet with all the tools you have you could build one, albeit with a few design changes and a lot of wood glue (or at least that is how I would do it :)  )