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What can you do with 50 empty pop cans? Answered

Right now, I have around 50 empty cans of coke a cola. I don't just want to throw them away, because I figure there might be some use in them.

Any ideas on what I can do with 50 empty pop cans?


Ok i know my response is late, but who knows, maybe you still have the cans or maybe youve collected more. so here are my thoughts. first off, to those of you suggesting you recycle them, recycling is a good thing, but aluminum cans are almost worthless. last summer i collected cans and took about 1700 cans to the scrapyard, they gave me just over $16. so my advice is to do something creative. you could build a forge and melt them down to pour into molds and make things, there are alot of plans for building a forge on this site and others across the web. I was thinking about building some shelves and using the cans as legs, filling the cans with cement or maybe even just plain old mud (way cheaper, lol) to add strength. i also liked the idea of building a hut out of them.

Build up your suply and then make a little hut useing ductape and make sure it's not in the middle of the wind


8 years ago

Recycle them.  Aluminum is valuable - it's actually worth recycling.

dont throw them away, cash them in and you will get $2.50

Make a small table using your cokecans as legs

Make a coke chair

Get more cans and build a bigger can

Cut them in half then attach the two halfs together and make a mini barbecue

Use them as ammo for your spudgun (don't hit anything alive)

Make a medium size wall for in your room

Make candle lights out of them

Cut the tops off with a tin opener, call them pencil pots, sell them, and send the proceeds to help Haiti.