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What can you do with the half-used spiral notebooks leftover from school? Answered

I only use half a spiral notebook or less for each subject in school. I don't like wasting; does anyone know of something to use these notebooks for?


Use them as notebooks =S

Seeing as you only use half of one throughout the year it would be silly and un-student like not to use them again :P Well I do anyway.

If you really feel cheap using half a notebook dissemble two of them and combine to make a new full notebook

Cut out the pages you've already used, bind them with a staple or other thing incase you need to refer back to your notes then use the rest of the notebook for another subject.

If you think you might only use half a notebook per subject, why don't you turn the book over and use the back half for another subject?


8 years ago

From a thrifty college student to you: tear out the used pages and place in three ring binder. Re-use remaining pages.