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What capacitors would be better for a coilgun? Answered

I have two sets of capacitors i could use for my first coilgun, and i was wondering which set would be better and why?

(2200uF - 16 volt) <---- Old computer cap.
(120uF - 330 volt) <---- Regular camera cap.


More volts, less microfarads (uF) means you'll get a very fast surge of current which will suck the projectile down the tube without reaching past center. You want it to cut out before it hits the center.

As it is, your 330 volt caps would be your best bet.

You want the ones with the lowest Farad rating, you want them to discharge fast otherwise after the projectile passes the center of the coil it will be attracted beck to the center of the coil slowing it somewhat.  If they discharge fast enough then it will pass the center right after total discharge and it won't be attracted back to the center and won't lose any velocity.

So does the uF actually affect how well my coilgun works? And if the photoflash caps are better would that mean the higher the voltage on the caps the better?

i have 10 caps. and i know the basics about it, i was just wondering which was better, thanks for the help tho :)