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What causes oodammo to spin in certain guns, when other guns make them fly straight? Answered

I've noticed, with guns like the MeZak, my new one and the V2, and a quite a few others, the ammo sort of spazzes out and flips around when fired, and isn't accurate. But with guns like the TBOS, Lowney's small oodammo pistol, etc. and TBAP the ammo flies straight. It's about 2 accurate ones for every one flippy one. Can someone explain why?


the same thing happens with me. Except it's all types of ammo, including plain, tipped, and sharpened rods and Oodammo.

 becasue there is pressure- and a lot of it in the tbos and lowneys. The pressure causes it to release in time so that it doesnt go floppy, but when you dont have enough bullets pressurising the bullet it trails off, this also happns when the mag rod, is stick to the bottom of the ammo round. the bottom of the red connector. it clips on it and a few bullets fly out or it goes wonky.

 Well in turret guns when you fire the turret rotates one space and spins slightly
i don't know about other guns but this is why i believe turret guns are best 

I believe it is due to too much band power.

If you put too many onto the mag pusher the friction from the ammo has an effect on the stability.

Also if you add to many bands onto the pin the ammo is travelling to fast to stablise, I noticed this when I shot oodammo with the original Logic Bow

My experience: with about six or more bullets in the magazine they spin more often, also I found that when I was making an oodammo gun with a weak body the ram is less acurate  with lots of rubberbands on it, than they also spinned, but not only with many bullets, When having a weak body and lots of rubberbands the bullets just always spin. This is what I saw...

There are a couple reasons I could see. First off I noticed that it would do both in the same magazine with my oodast. I bet the magazine has a lot to do with it. If the ammo loads differently then it might push the ammo in such a way that it starts to spin. Or possible the white rod gap clips the whole of the next red connector. My ammo spun more often with a full magazine.The pin could also hit the ammo weird. Like it might hit more towards and edge and give spin because more of the force is focused on one side of the ammo. I noticed that the ammo behaves differently when I aim the gun differently too. I'm not sure if it actually has anything to do with it but my ammo usually almost always went straight when perfectly level.
I'm not too sure. It's hard to test for causes. Try putting on different rubber bands or a different amount of the mag pusher and pin and seeing what kind of results you get.

I believe it may be because of power, and maybe if the round is locked or loose.
Hope this helps!


8 years ago

I've never had Oodammo flip for me. Maybe you made it wrong. *Joking*

It might have something to do with the surface on which the ammo is resting on at the top of the gun.