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What color(s) should I paint my cigar box guitar (for children ages 6-12)? Answered

As part of my training as a children teacher I'm making music instruments out of recycled materials (scrapwood, left over bottles...)

I have made 4 of these cigarbox guitars. Now I want to paint them but have absolutly no idea what colors to chose.

Included you see a picture of the guitar I made. So give me some idea's :)

Remember the kids I'm currently teaching are 10 years old but if possible I would like something that children ages 6-12 all will like.

Also no fads like pokemon or something, I want something that I don't need to repaint every year to keep up with the trends ;)

Thanks in advance :)



Paint it bright,neon, and jumpy colors

Why paint them at all?

Leave them as plain wood so you can talk to the kids about how you made them.  maybe stain or varnish them.

Or mark the length of it with numbered frets - they can count along as you play.

Or paint it in a spectrum of colours along the length.

Or paint it a plain, pale colour, such as yellow or light green. 

But, one thing you must do is paint two of them white.  When you finish your training, get all your class to sign the body of one guitar in sharpies, then varnish over the signatures.  You sign the other, and write a message of thanks to the class on the back of the body, leaving it behind when you move on.

I agree with kiteman to leave it in the natural woodcolors.

If you have more questions about musical instruments, you always can ask them because I was trained as a musical instrument builder.

Or paint them black and use a silver sharpie for the sigs. 'Cuz black & silver is rock n' roll.

Depends on the age.  6 year olds appreciate bright, clear colors while 12 year olds are looking more to the manufactured/traditional look (think stratocaster).

Kiteman's right, but I just had to say: Flame job! Everybody likes a flame job.

How about you ask the kids so that they can choose what colors the guitars will be?