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What cords do i need to make rf modulator work? Answered

I have a new dvd recorder and i want to by pass copyrights on my vhs tapes so i can put them onto dvd. someone suggested for me to get a rf modulator. but when i go to order it it gives me options to buy two diff types of cables so i need to know what cables i need


Connect your VHS player video-out (I guess it's a composite yellow and red/white audio) to the inputs on the DVD recorder, read the manual. Only cheap-o cables needed.


Most DVD recorders will recognize the copyrighted image, and not allow it to be recorded, so you have to strip the signal out instead of just connecting it up.

Pah, never ever had a problem with obsolete technology being designed to thwart the future-format that would eventually kill-it.


You have a few options- basically you need to strip out the copyright signal, which lies in the overscan. If you run it through (another) older VCR between the two, this will often do the trick. A little more time consuming, you can copy it tape to tape, and then record it on the DVD recorder. There are other easier ways to do this, but this is the least expensive way to accomplish it.