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What could I make? Answered

This is sort of random, but I needed ideas on another random project.

So I was browsing the shops today when I came across an amazing bargain!

20 Curtain rings for 0.99p! How amazing is that?! What a bargain! (pardon the sarcasm)

Anyway, they were there staring at me, so I took to oppurtunity and just bought them for the heck of it cause I knew i'd find something to do with them. But what I originally had in mind failed to work, so Im turning to you guys for random helpfulness :-)

Any ideas on what I could randomly make with these glorious curtain rings?


cut them in half and then glue them together to a snak!

Looking at what you have already made, why not make a cube?

Use very thin thread to suspend different numbers of beads in the middles of the circles, and you have made a skeletal dice!

A die with weighted numbers?  Surely the 1 will be a little more frequent than the 6?  Unless you did it with white beads and black beads...

Now you've made the D20 you just need a D12, D10, D8, D6 and D4 and you can play some tabletop RPGs :D

Think of it more as a usable sculpture than a fair dice.

(You're right, though)

a paper mache monster with curtain ring suckers?
or maybe an octopus with suckers?


7 years ago

Could you glue them together at an angle to eachother to make a polyhedron? If you have 20, an icosahedron is the obvious choice. You could cover the holes with paper and make a lampshade out of them? :)

Look at my recent ible :-)

what about - cutting off the hooks and engraving it with a dremel to make a bracelet

The hook just screws out, and it has an inside diameter of 3cm. I don't think so... XD

Stack them up, glued together, and make them into a candle stick.

Condom holders?

How about a set of wooden chimes?

Well a non-ferrite toroid comes to mind (lots of wire wrapping around the ring however).
Fairly inefficient transformer.
Ornaments (small picture frames; tiny dream catchers, etc).

I was on about what could I make with the curtain rings? -.-