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What could be causing a chemical smell (like a flea collar) in my room ? Answered

I am a single mom of 4 and i had a portion of my lung removed last year so i really feel like i need to figure this out. We have a small dog but we have no flea collar in this apartment but that's exactly what we smell. We only smell it at my desk by my computer which is by a window in the corner next to common wall with neighbor which also shares a wall in the master bath. The common wall has painted paneling. I am a very clean person and this is really making me worry.



Turned out to be a mold growing in the garbage can by my desk. My 3 year old had dumped a yogurt in it and my 10 year old didn't want to have to clean it so he just covered it with a scented bag(which he should have had in there in the first place). Thanks for the feedback i was moving my office out of the room because the ordor was so strong when i found it so Thanks for the feedback.

Ergo moving your computer eliminated the electronics as the suspect ;-)

Could it be your neighbor just had their place fumigated or set off a bug bomb? Have you talked to your neighbor to see if they are smelling the same thing?

You have to find out if the smell is coming from you or through the wall / from the outside.
Move computer and desk into a different room for a day or two to rule it out as the cause.
If you have any electrical stuff plugged in that uses a wall adapter check those too, if they get too hot the plastic can release all sorts of smells.
Flea collar smell is quite specifiy and rules out paint or pain thinners, so if it is coming from you I have to assume a piece of furniture or an electrical device.
If the smell is persistant after removing electrical things and furniture in the area of smell it is possible the smell is coming through the wall or directly from it, in that case your landlord is the first guy to talk to.
In case neighbours are causing the problem it might be as simple as habbit or as severe as a drug lab, so don't investigate on your own.


3 years ago

I agree this is a very important situation that must be resolved for you and the kids !

Just for curiosity, move that computer, as far away as possible from that desk area and see if that smell moves with it ?

Electronics can release an unpleasant odor if it gets into a certain environment.

I would talk to you Land-Lord.

It may be coming from outside your appartment. He/She has the responsibility to ensure the apartment You pay for is in safe livable condition. Even without your Specific health concerns I wouldn't hesitate to talk to mine !

Now assuming that the smell is coming from Inside rather then out, Start by checking any new Electronics or Packages you have recently revived. Often the plastics will give off a smell for a time. Could be a new cleaner your using but I'd guess that was the first place you looked.

A quick Experiment you could try...

Mount a window fan in a different room from your office and set it to pull air in. By doing this your apartment will be under Positive air pressure. Hopefully if the smell is coming from your neighbor the higher pressure will keep the smell from entering your room !