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What could be inside of this? It is something for removing earth's radiation? Answered

What can be inside of this (Attachment) ? It should be a device you put under your bed to neutralize health effects of Hartman and Curry grids - Earth radiation. I am guessing a simple coil, but what is happening if you connect it to the power outlet's ground? What do you think about it? Is this bogus device, and would there be a way to neutralize those radiations?
(I do not have this thing, I just want to prevent my father from wasting $50... by the way there are no possible returns)


John Rush

Best Answer 6 years ago

If I had one, I'd take it apart out of base curiosity. It probably doesn't matter what is in it, since there is no evidence that Hartmann and Curry grids are real. If it is real radiation, a small disc under your bed won't do anything unless your floor was entirely covered. I'd say it is bogus, kind of like the bomb dowsing rods.

I live in an area where radon gas seeps up from underground, which is a real carcinogen. You can protect yourself by having your foundation properly sealed or your basement vented, but a little disk won't do a thing.

Here is a little bit about Hartmann... http://www.skepdic.com/hartmann.html

This from the makes sense to me. Those grids are explained in official German architect and engineering guide books, so it is hard to explain this to an architect for whom this book is a "bible". I also have some evidence about influence of bed position on the one's health I can not discuss here.
I do not have this thing yet, and I am trying to prevent my father from wasting $50 since there is no way of returning it afterwards or suing the seller when I find out there is a thin air inside.

"Make" him a bigger one,. for free, as a christmas gift.....

Use an old 16mm film can
they are available in plastic, Al and Iron ;-)

+3 with a glowing blue light so he knows it's working.

FLASHING, for certainty, in case it locks up in use. LED must be flashing.

I'm pretty sure it runs on hens teeth, and hogs hair.